Shannon J Kivido

Shannon Kidivo is a South African Street Stylist Dancer. Her primary dance style is waacking, but she is also well versed and trained in Locking, Hip Hop, and most recently has become a Dance Fitness Instructor. She was mentored by the likes of Rudi Smit and Anuq Wilson to name a few, who have played a vital role in helping her develop her waacking techniques and grow in the world of Dance.

I want to teach people how to express themselves and embody who they really are and fully trust their mind, body, and soul when they move, by creating a space where they can be free, be open and feel loved and unjudged. Where people express themselves without being worried about what others think of them, as this is something I had to overcome. I want people to get to that place and unlearn some traits that limit us. I want to encourage woman to be in touch with their feminine self, to feel sexy and not be scared to feel good about themselves.


Dance-Fit, Hip Hop Dance in Heels

Accolades and Achievements

  • Redbull Dance Your Style South African Champion
  • Best Female Dancer, DancStar Croatia
  • Dancer on Idols South Africa Stage
  • Performer at Vogue Nights and Le Grand Ball
  • Winner at the Swedish Dance Competition WOZA Jams and will be going to Sweden in 2022 to compete.

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