This is the beginning of the big dream – this studio is for anyone who wants to be in a space where they can just be!” – Bontle Modiselle

Bontle Moloi, popularly known as Bontle Modiselle, alongside Hallmark House – Jozi’s foremost art hotel, operated by proudly South African, Hospitality, Events, Music and Media house Steyn Entertainment, known best as the owners and organisers of festival property Rocking the Daisies – bring you the Bontle Modiselle Dance Studio located in the heart of buzzing Johannesburg.

With the effects of the ongoing global pandemic bringing the arts and culture industry to a near halt, this paramount collaboration between Modiselle and Steyn Entertainment aims to see an upliftment and growth to the dance and performance sector in South Africa. Steyn Entertainment stays in contact with its community through  investment, projects and training opportunities, compelling audiences and students to continue connecting with and supporting the arts community.

Boasting unrivalled views of the iconic Jozi Skyline from the rooftop of Hallmark House, the Bontle Modiselle Dance Studio is set to quickly become the country’s premiere studio – by providing a safe, clean, accepting and forward-thinking space which aims to cultivate and find new talent within the dance community. Our facility is cutting edge in design, with a modern, gallery-like finish accompanied by large beautiful windows providing an abundance of natural light.

The Bontle Modiselle Dance Studio upholds the highest level of respect for all involved and is committed to challenging students to reach their fullest potential in an environment which promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to ensure that dance is easily accessible to all individuals, from the entry level dancer to the seasoned professional.

In talking about the space, Modiselle remarks that “the studio is a home of expression, a home of love – and a home of freedom.” We’re thrilled to announce that this ‘home’ to dance – led by a businesswoman with enough multi-faceted accolades to write a novel – is officially set to open its diverse doors in April 2022. With a range of disciplines, styles and coaches under her wing, Modiselle is here to set the dance world alight – and there is no stopping her with the support of Steyn Entertainment by her side.

I’ve always felt like my life’s work has been to teach – then at a point, a studio became a dream of mine because the spiritual relationship I have with dancing is one that I feel I need to share,”